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i'm gonna be inactive for awhile.
once again drivers training, friends, homework, dance, & over spring break i'm going up north & driving more so i won't be very active, but i'll try my hardest<333
but no one really is doing anything lately..

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Hey everyone! So I have decided that the three new co-mods will be eaty0urheartout, sand_in_ur_toes, and cavskidd23. Congratulations to all of you! I will update the members page tomorrow!

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Username: xxiheartyodaddyxx
Name: Molly
Age: 8teen (duh)
Location: Wisconsin
Taken or single: um it depenz
Grade in school: senior (duh im 8teen so wel..)
Five of your favorite clothing brands: um prolly payless, poloo, hottopicc, abercromi, holista, jinglez (sum punkk store in da locl mall)
Five of your favorite designers: gucci, laocste, lillian vernon (u kno like da name- customed bagz), shut it (sum website store), juicie cotuore
Five of your favorite bands/artists: <## (locl band), switchfett, 50 cantz nd gunit, prolly jojo but idk, the blood broz
Five favorite movies: frum justin 2 kelly, cinderell2 )da first one wuz lame), cocoa butter (sum movi muh daddy made), white chix, sorortiy boyz
Five favorite actresses: prolly kelly clarckson, mandi moore, brittani speerz, nd sarah jnifer parker
Five favorite actors: prolly ruben aiken, muh friend jack, jack nicholson, eminem, 0land0 bl00m
Gay marriage: huh??
Teen Drinking: umm sure? wat kinda ? iz dat... lolz i drink like evry day who doesnt u would get dehydrated duh
Abortion: um idc duh
Premarital sex: sometimeZ
A prep is someone who: wearz pink duh
What makes you a prep? i wear pink duh
What is your favorite preppy trend? prolly lip piercinz
Dream Occupation? um emo singerr
What does your lj name mean? uh duh dat im hott
Make us laugh: Yo mamas so loud dat da only way to here her is to record anything she ever says. After you're done go to radioshack by a stereo dat has lots of volume changes. Den when u want to here her talk put on da tape for what u wanna here- listen to it nd turn da volume down all da way.
Give us 3 random interesting facts about you: im hott, i gotz a bipolar bro (only likez me on tuesdayz),
♥Final Stuff♥
Will you be active? yes!! <### i <33 u guyzzzz
Why should we accept you? cuz im preppy lolz
Where did you hear about this community? my aunt mildred (shez such a p0ser dough?)
3 pics here including a 100x100: um what?
Promote this community in at least 2 other communities/journals and show the
links here(We Will Check): I DONT GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm sorry to say this but I can't run this community right now, because I have a ton of things I am dealing with in my personal life and school. So if anyone wants to take over they can or else I will just close the community!
I'm sorry,

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i'm gonna be busy for awhile, with drivers training, dance-i should be going an extra day starting as soon as i can, either this month or in april, & i'm going up north for the weekend so i won't be able to be very active..i'll try to do more when i get home



If any of you have heard about the horrible car crash that occurred in Texas on this past Sunday, you would know that a 13 year old was killed. This girl happened to be one of my very close friends so this is a very upsetting time for me. I have a lot on my mind and Livejournal isn't working out for me right now. I think i'm going to have to take a break for about 2 weeks or so if this is alright with the mods. I'm taking breaks from my own journal and the communities I belong (except for preps_ because I run that) for a little while. I hope you understand <3 Please reply back just so i know it's okay,i really do not want to do this because I know i'm the co-mod but im very upset right now. If it is I will definitely return in 2 weeks or maybe earlier and be a very active co-moderator

thank you <3
Brittany (xxbritt02)

RIP Brianna <3 always in my heart