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Jeffrey Matthew Ott


I wrote alot, so it is somewhat hard to read. Sorry, after a few hours I'd rather not mess with the HTML anymore to adjust boldness, underlines, etc etc.

General Info:
Name: Jeffery Matthew Ott, but Jeff is fine
Age: Eighteen
Gender: Male
Status: Taken, two years, nine months, fifteen days, … six hours?
Location: Guilford, Connecticut (Shoreline)
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Green
Piercings: None

Stores: Okay, I’m a guy, but I’ll try my best. J.Crew, Polo, BDG, Express Men, Henri Loid (French sailing gear and clothing. Hah yeah I know what you’re thinking but sailing gear can be really hip.) Finally, the unoriginal Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle.
Bands/Singers: I enjoy a major spectrum of music. Soft; Death Cab for Cutie, Seu Jorge (Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, anyone?), Dashboard Confessional, Frou Frou … Hip-Hop; Jurassic 5, Blackalicious (Both underground labels), and then select songs from most major label artists … Hard; Frodus, Dead Poetic, Dogwood … I’ll stop there.
Tv shows: I don’t watch TV, really.
Movies: Donnie Darko, Fight Club, Sin City, Garden State
Food: This is a hard question to answer. I love food. I love meat. I love Italian food. I love German food. I love Irish food. I guess I love the food of my ethnicities. Spaghetti, sausage, cheese, potatoes, corned beef… Mmmm. I love food.
Outfit: What would I wear? I’d start with a small tee-shirt, then put two polo tee-shirts underneath, and then finish it off with BDG faded jeans, the Henri-Loid fleece I lost, and AE sandals. Of course, I’d pop all three collars.
Quote: By the way, it should be “Quotation”, not “Quote.” Quote is a verb. Anyways, I’m not very sentimental, so I don’t necessarily have a deep and thought-provoking quotation. But, I do have two lines pulled from a song (Go look it up and laugh if you will) that I love. “Let's go deep inside the solitary mind of a madman who screams in the dark.” No, the words won’t create world peace, yet, it is a cry of emotion, and poetically it is beautiful. I can relate to it.

Your opinions on:
Paris Hilton: She sure is having a lot of fun with the fame, money, and career given to her. I personally don’t think she’s all that. Yes, she is quite a model, but, everything else she has is because of her father. Until she accomplishes something on her own, without the help of her father’s money, her last name, or her fans, I’ll hold little respect for her achievements.
Britney Spears: I don’t know. I don’t follow the tabloids. She’s changed a lot in her life. I don’t really like her music, except maybe in a few situations. I’ll have to give a no comment on this one. Sorry.
Drugs & Alcohol: Don’t kill yourself. Alcohol is a fun social lubricant that works in some situations, but also kills in others. Drugs are usually a bad idea, especially when something as “innocent” as marijuana leads to something less innocent as a hard-drug. Even if marijuana doesn’t end up becoming a path-way drug, it still changes people. And if you don’t think it does, well, think again. Drugs are illegal for a reason. Be careful.
Livestrong: I have one, its nice and yellow and stretchy. It was a good idea to raise money for a good cause.
Gay Marriage: Wooho, I finally get to take a stand. I do not believe in Gay Marriage. However, I do not believe in discrimination due to sexual orientation. Although I condone the idea, I do not condone the people that hold the idea. Although I would vote against legalizing gay marriage, I wouldn’t fight against it. Yes, I do believe marriage is for a male and a female, because marriage was created as a covenant between two “mates”, if you will, and since only a male and a female can create a baby, then that is the way I believe we are “wired” to work, and therefore should be. Phew, hope you stayed with me on that one.
Labels(as in people and cliques): Cliques exclude people, and I generally like everyone, so I don’t enjoy excluding “outsiders” from my “group” of friends. I do enjoy the label of living in Guilford, a stereotype of being preppy, and well anything nice that goes with that, but I would hate myself if I was stuck-up and kept people out of my “clique.”
Money: Without money it is very hard to get around a capitalistic society (ie, USA), but money can also work against people (ie, Paris Hilton). I do enjoy money, and with that money I pay for gas, insurance, and then little tid-bits here and there. I wish I had more money, but I’m glad I have to work for it, because otherwise I wouldn’t appreciate money I did have.
Who is your role model and why: I don’t have a role model. I look up to some people for guidance, but, I’ve never actually had a real role model. I’m molding myself as I go along, becoming my own person.
This community: I looks fun, everyone seems fairly nice. I was invited to apply so I did, and I guess I’ll see what people think of me. I don’t really like the idea of people judging me by my opinions of Paris Hilton and my favorite bands, but, I guess that’s how the world works. Anyways, I think I’d be the only guy in the community (I think?) hah so that will be silly. I’d be honored to be a “Classy Prep.”

How did you find out about this community(please be specific): Leaving2nite invited me, and my physical friend singing_ocean mentioned that she joined.

Promote us in at least 3 places(links please and NO promotion communities count):

3-10 CLEAR pictures of you (not links):
Ok, everyone is going to yell at me. I can’t post the pictures in this post because my web host does not support remote hosting. Basically, it won’t allow me to post a picture here. So anyways, I’m just going to give you links to my server, with the description in the link. I hope it works. If they don’t work, don’t yell at me. I’ll fix them as soon as possible.
Me and my beloved (and lost) jacket
Hanging out in the choir room at school with my couch buddy.
This picture was actually taken at the Hilton in NYC, for I was going to sing in Carnegie Hall the next day or so.
In the hotel room, trying to play model with a good friend. I’m on the right.
I thought this was a really cool picture. It’s dark, so you may have to raise your monitor brightness. I’m walking into an elevator with my friends.
New Years Eve with my girlfriend (She hates this picture, uh oh.) I had shorter hair then!

Why are you a prep(explain!): I am a prep because I am an individual. I am proud of myself, my looks, my actions, my polo’s, and my upright collars. I am an excellent student in my school, have no problem finding friends, own my own website design business, am very active in the large keelboat racing scene, and, well, all of that just adds to me and my own ideal of “preppyness”. I wear the collar proud.

Any last words?: Last words? No, not really. I guess I’ll see what people think of me. I’m actually very interesting in being judged. Take your best shot.


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