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Location:South Carolina
Taken or single:single and loving it
Grade in school:8th
Five of your favorite clothing brands:Lacoste, LAMB, Abercrombie, Hollister, BCBGirls
Five of your favorite designers:Max Azria, Gwen Stefani, Louis Vuitton, Steve Madden, COACH
Five of your favorite bands/artists:Maroon5, Matchbook Romance, Vanessa Carlton,Ryan Cabrera,The Early November
Five favorite movies:The Notebook!, Napoleon Dynamite, Without A Paddle, The Ring 2,Legally Blonde 2
Five favorite actresses:Reese Witherspoon, Rachael McAdams, Sandra Bullock, Kate Hudson, Kate Bosworth
Five favorite actors:Jon Heder, Mike Myers,Matthew Lillard, Ashton Kutcher,Hugh Grant
Gay marriage:I was taught it's wrong but everyone is their own person and should do what THEY think is right.
Teen Drinking:It's a bad habit to get into and not something i would not promote but as long as you act responsible with your limits it's ok.
Abortion:I personally wouldn't have an abortion unless i was raped or the baby would harm my health but it's the mothers right because it's not right for someone else to tell a mother what's best for her baby because there's always mothers instinct.
Premarital sex:If sex is SAFE i don't see a problem, as long as you're not extremely young and not fooling around with the whole neighborhood, but if someone wants to live their life that way, they won't be looked upon any differently by me.
A prep is someone who:A prep is someone who has class. They were brought up to be respectful of others and themselves. They also never forget their "P's and Q's". A prep knows their manners and minds by them. Preps are easily spotted in a public place by their dress, politeness and perkyness.
What makes you a prep? I've got the whole sweet southern bell accent going on and I have the southern raising with all of the P's and Q's. I have a very high respect for others and for myself. I was just raised right, I guess you could say.
What is your favorite preppy trend?POPPED COLLARS!
Dream Occupation?Fashion Consultant
What does your lj name mean?brwneyedbrnette=brown eyed brunette, exactly what I am. I have huge brown eyes and brown hair.
Make us laugh:
This makes me laugh everytime I see it but I'm prone to korny jokes.
Give us 3 random interesting facts about you:
-I'm in color/winter guard
-I am obsessed with mexican food
-I love kurt halsey and his work
♥Final Stuff♥
Will you be active?Of course
Why should we accept you?because I know I am a true prep.
Where did you hear about this community?
3 pics here including a 100x100:



me again
Promote this community in at least 2 other communities/journals and show the
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