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Our community iamabercrombie was suspended
and now were rebuilding. and your LUCKY if you join now... auto accepts go by
fast we had 150 members and now were giving 10 lucky members to get ACCEPTED! wow... we
didnt even do this when we first started. so take ur CHANCE NOW! this will never i mean NEVER
happen again. apply NOW!!! IAMABERCROMBIEX

finally here..

Wow everyone I am so sorry.
I have been in this community for a really long time
Yet I never come and post.. and I've been inactive for aloonnng time.
I'm soo sorry!
I promise I'll try to stay a little more commited then I've been lately.

Anything I can participate in soon?
I saw your "wishlists".. cute
Is there anything I can do like that?

[x] Megan
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I love you all & I'm sorry but I'm barely on LJ & even though I've left reminders I've gotten comments telling me to be more active. So I'm sorry guys but I think I'm quitting all my communites.
I'll miss you<33